Victor Bravo’s “Alegoría” at the Flamenco Festival Al Gurugú

By 20/06/2018Choni

The dancer Victor Bravo presented his show “Alegoría” at the XVII Festival Flamenco Al Gurugú (Arahal, Seville). The work received a long standing ovation from an excited audience who enjoyed the wonderful staging and great interpretation of all of its artists.

“Allegoría” is a real fairy tale, a song to beauty and life itself. A story with nuances of classical theatre, dance and theatricality in a language of tradition and modernity; a script sung among the voices of its characters that opens the doors to the symbolism and allegory of this story, with real connotations of a great experience of life and death.

“Alegoría” premiered at the Hangar Theatre in Itaca (New York) last September 2017 and will have its next stop on July 7th at the Teatro Romano in Malaga, as part of the I Ciclo Flamenco Patrimonio.

Cast: Victor Bravo (dance), Asunción Pérez “Choni” (dance), Natalia Marín (voice), David Bastidas (voice), Cristian de Moret (voice and keyboards), Juanma Torres (guitar).